MEDICLONE BIOTECH R&D FACILITY - is accredited by the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR), NewDelhi, Govt.of India (TU/1V-Rd/2554/2005).


About fifty scientists and technologists are working in the research labs with varied specialization like Immunochemistry, Molecular biology, Microbial and Mammalian Cell Technologies, Molecular Virology etc.

The in-house R&D of Mediclone is executing two prestigious research projects of social relevance and commercial impact with the assistance of the Department of biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

One of these projects is the Development of an alternative technology for the Anti-snake venom serum, as a monoclonal cocktail. This will ultimately avoid the need of animal experimentation in ASVS production.

Another very important and novel research project for Rabies prophylaxis is underway with the Department of Science & Technology under Ministry of Science & Technology of Government of India(VI-D&P/234/0708/TDT)

A collaborative basic research proposal on viral pathogenesis is being worked out with a privately held Foreign Company namely Bio Pro B.V., the Netherlands.

The research laboratories of Mediclone Biotech are recognized by Alagappa University, Karaikudi for research leading to Ph.D.

Mediclone Biotech has undertaken collaborative research programmes with various academic-research institutions like the research departments of University of Madras and TamilNadu University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (TANUVAS).

Clinical material access through joint / collaborative research with various medical and animal sciences departments.

The research endeavor of Mediclone Biotech aims to unravel the mechanism of anti tumor or anti cancer effect of biological molecules from natural compounds.

The search for biological anti tumour agents has attracted the attention of Mediclone and it is of great interest to modify cancer treatment from chemotherapy to biotherapy using biological agents, with minimal or no side or adverse effects. Snake venom is being looked at as a source of biological material, for such research currently proceeding at Mediclone.