Rapid Cards : Rapid cards of various parameters are available as strips and cassettes either individually packed or custom packed.

   Rapid Cards (Ready to use) - HCG – Ferti Test :

   One Step urine Pregnancy Test


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone secreted shortly after fertilization.  During Pregnancy this hormones named hCG are produced.

Immunochromatographic test designed for qualitative determination of hCG and LH in Urine.

Detection Limit – 20mIU

No cross reactivity

WHO Standards

Pack Size

Code No.

50 T


   Hepatitis B Rapid Test - Rapid Immunotest for Hepatitis B virus Infection

Hepatitis B is a wide spread and serious liver disease. 

The Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is made up of an inner core surrounded by an outer capsule.

The outer capsule contains the HBsAg (surface antigen) and the inner core contains HBcAg (core antigen) and HBeAg.

Detection Limit:1ng/ml.



Specimen used: Serum, Plasma.

   Rapid MP - Rapid Immunotest for antibodies to Malaria Pv & Pf

Malaria is a serious sometimes fatal, parasitic disease characterized by high fevers, shaking cold, flu like illness caused by parasite transformation from one human to another by infected Anopheles Mosquitoes.

Malaria PV & Pf test is a qualitative immunochromatographic Rapid test for detection of antibodies to Malaria PV & Pf

Useful for screening donated Blood.

Specimen used: Serum, Whole Blood.